tobi3 min 1000x750 - Why do you need an interior designer?

Why do you need an interior designer?

Working in the field of interior design, we often encounter the fact that people do not understand what exactly we are doing, why they need our services and why it costs a certain amount of money.
An important role is played by the fact that this service is quite new for the post-Soviet space, 20 years ago no one thought about turning to a professional.
Another reason is that the designer’s work is intellectual work, in contrast, for example, with the work of builders, for which you can follow and evaluate.

What are the advantages of this service?


Knowledge in the field of ergonomics and work experience helps the interior designer to create a comfortable space filled with all the functions necessary for you, regardless of whether you have a house or a studio apartment. Starting from global issues such as lighting, zoning, choice of finishes and furniture, and ending with small things that you would not have made yourself, but they make life much easier.
For example, placing the switches in such a way that we do not have to return to the beginning of the corridor to turn off the lights, various lights, additional hidden storage places, constructions – transformers for small areas, etc.

tobiarchitects3 min - Why do you need an interior designer?

Saving money.

Cooperation with a designer will help you avoid many costly mistakes, such as buying furniture where the price is too high, ordering a couch that does not fit anywhere, painting the walls in a color that does not give the desired result, buying expensive tiles more than you need and so on .
Also, if you want to ever sell your home or rent out, spectacular and functional interior design at times increases its cost.

tobiarchitects10 min - Why do you need an interior designer?

Saves time.

A very strong factor! You do not waste time first to figure out how to arrange the kitchen, then – to find just that, and then – to explain to the builders how to put this kitchen. You do not go around the store to the store in the hope of seeing a tile that you like, a plumber who would go up to this tile… and painful meditation how much of this tile you need, whether to buy a mosaic for it, whether the toilet is fit for size, and what is the installation ?
In our personal experience, for many customers this is the key factor. They simply do not have time to repair, and at the same time want to get a wonderful result.

12 min - Why do you need an interior designer?

Uniqueness and aesthetics.

The market of furniture, materials, textiles and technologies, as well as the prices for them, is simply huge! It is not limited to a few well-known shops. But in order to be aware of this, one must know hundreds of Internet resources, attend exhibitions, communicate with suppliers and furniture makers, which is what the designer does.
How to correctly combine colors so that they do not look boring, but they did not start to annoy you? How to create a composition, and not just put it in places? How to achieve a certain atmosphere in the house, unique and cozy?
In order to acquire such skills, in addition to the natural sense of style and taste, one must get an education in this field, and work out more than one project. That’s why only with the help of a designer you can make the interior of your house special, comfortable and really beautiful.

tobiarchitects4 min - Why do you need an interior designer?

Technical factor.

Without drawings for the construction team, it is impossible to correctly implement the conceptual idea, the correct calculation of the consumption of material and equipment.
It is knowledge of the technical side of design that gives the designer the opportunity to create something new and unusual, to develop individual furniture, to create comfortable lighting, to solve complex functional tasks.

26 min - Why do you need an interior designer?

When we see an interior, we can immediately tell whether the designer was working on it or not. In such interiors feel completeness, want to consider the details…
There is of course an option that the interior has worked a “bad” designer, but that’s another story. Find your designer and repair will cease to be a headache!

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