White breath

Location: RC Panorama,
Ukraine, Dnipro
Area: 88 m2
Authors: Nastya Zaharchenko, Toma Podolyanko, Ira Velykoselska

When one wishes: no wood, no marble, no flowers, no decor or open shelves, – here comes the time of white color, adapted for everyday life by shades of textiles and playing with volumes.
The square shape of the apartment plan with windows on one side made the rooms quite elongated, but this did not prevent from arranging all functions ergonomically. The bathrooms, the wardrobe and the hallway are arranged at the back of the apartment.
In the children’s room all the furniture has developed into a linear composition, with a crib in the middle, which is easily transformed from a lullaby into a full bed. The rest of the room is left free – for games, playpens etc.
The bedroom looks very graphic due to black and white wallpaper, lamps and doors to the wardrobe room made of black frosted glass.
The stunning blue MUTINA tile is used in the bathrooms, which, upon closer inspection, reveals its subtle texture, creating simply unobtrusive background from the distance.

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