Let’s be a little classic

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Area: 120 sq. m.
Authors of project: Zakharchenko Anastasiia, Akopian Gor

The combination of styles sometimes leads to a very interesting result, giving the interior a special personality. The wish of the client was to make a bright interior with classic elements. To do this, we added baguettes to some walls and facades of the cabinets, also we used gold elements in the lighting and furniture. Also, the kitchen island is decorated with brass sheet, which is beautifully combined with a thick tabletop made of noble stone. The accent color in this interior is orange, hot and brave. To balance it, we chose a very dark non-textured wood for furniture and wall panels. In the bedroom and cabinet, the colors repeat the living room, while in the nursery the colors are more calm – soft green and pink. Classic paintings in baguettes look unusual for modern house, but this is exactly how we wanted to see this interior – bright and brave.. and ironic a little.