Location: Muscat, Oman

Area: 765sq.m

Authors: Anastasiia Zakharchenko, Yuliia Zhatko

The modern and slightly eclectic interior of a large villa for a family with three children. The layout of this house is set around a courtyard with a barbecue area. On the first floor, there are sliding windows to the courtyard, forming a single space with a dining room, living room and staircase hall. Upstairs, balconies overlook the courtyard.

On the second floor there are three children’s bedrooms, each with its own wardrobe and bathroom, each with an individual design that meets the needs of young customers.
There is also a second living room with a small bar. Penthouse – a zone for parents: a bedroom, a wardrobe, a bathroom and an office, and also from here there is access to the upper terrace.

When there are many windows in the house, you can safely use dark colors and contrasting materials. Porcelain tile with a red metal texture frames a wide flight of stairs, inside of which there is a large chandelier. The warm wood on the floor, laid with large planks, is pleasant both visually and tactilely. In furniture, we used a lot of black in combination with wood. We also wanted to add ethnicity to the interior, which was expressed in carpets, wall panels, tile patterns in bathrooms.
For us, this interior was not easy … because of the size of the house and due to the fact that customers live in another country, but in the end we are pleased to show the result that we have been going for so long.