Location: Novoaleksandrovka, Dnepropetrovsk region
Area: 190 m2
Year: 2018
Authors: Nastya Zakharchenko, Toma Podolianko

The warm spacious interior of our Modern House. The interior of the house is often different from the interior of the apartment: there is more air in it, space is more complicated, the exterior comes into relationship with the interior and affects it. Behind the house is a chic panorama of the ravine, which we see through the huge stained-glass windows. We combined the second floor with the living room with a double-lighted space, so going to the bedrooms, we continue to see a beautiful view from the windows. Also at the expense of height, above the living room, it was possible to place large luster Moooi, which effectively look both in the off state during the day and at night, combined with long dark curtains on two floors.
The house has three bedrooms. The parents’ bedroom has its own bathroom, the entrance to which is through a wardrobe with facades made of dark glass. There is also a small study on the first floor.
The kitchen is divided into zones: Linear furniture includes all the built-in appliances, an island with bar chairs for breakfast and quick snacks, and a dining room for 8 people.
We used a lot of wood in the decoration – herringbone parquet, ceiling rails, furniture elements – in spite of the modernity of the interior there was a feeling of warmth of a country house. The living room with a fireplace and large sofas is the center of attraction for a large family.

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