Halo Halo

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Area: 120 square meters
Authors of project: Zakharchenko Anastasiia, Akopian Gor, Zhatko Yuliia

The project of the apartment’s interior for a very beautiful family with two children. Upon their request, we created a bright and eclectic interior in which a very modern kitchen and a stucco fireplace, a bright blue sofa and a green seat in the hallway could be good for each other.
The kitchen is strict and minimalistic, it will balance a rather bright and filled interior. On the apron there is a mosaic of Bisazza Halo-Halo, which is pricked by hand, and its graphic print was invented by the Italian designer Paola Navone. A table top made of solid wood adds warmth and naturalness to black furniture. The black and white tile on the floor — one of the family’s wishes — connects the corridor and the kitchen; we took a small pattern so that, with a large area, the tile would not draw much attention.
It’s not so easy to create a fireplace in a modern apartment, but with the help of plaster, copper and candles, a realistic imitation was obtained, complemented this composition with an antique mirror and ethnic decor.
In the parents’ bedroom there is a separate bathroom with a shower and a workplace behind a plasterboard partition. The wall behind the bed is decorated with wooden panels.
There are also two children’s rooms. For a girl more mature, with a comfortable desk, a place to read and a large built-in wardrobe. In the room of the boy in the niche there is a two-level bed, on the second tier of which you can play or invite friends to spend the night. There is also a slate wall for drawing and a wall for climbing.
1 1 - Halo Halo

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7 1 - Halo Halo

1 1 1 - Halo Halo

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5 2 - Halo Halo

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3 3 - Halo Halo

4 3 - Halo Halo

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