Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 240 sq. m.
Authors: Zakharchenko Anastasiia, Yuliia Zhatko, Akopian Gor, Bilozorovych Yegor

A modern two-story house of 240 square meters in Kyiv for a young family. On the ground floor, there is a studio area, which is closely intertwined with the surrounding area through the huge windows. The kitchen area consists of a 3-meter island, a block of high modules with built-in appliances and a separate cupboard. Thick marble countertops in combination with a brass shelf design above it are elements that add to the interior luxury and elegance. The green sofa in the living room area is the only bright element of furniture. 

There is a white reading couch next to it, illuminated by the convenient Flos lamp. The interior contains paintings by Ukrainian artist Demtsu – not only colorfully beautiful but also gives a feeling of cheerfulness and courage. The guest bedroom is also located on the ground floor. With a small size, it has a large wardrobe and a double bed. We walk up the aerial wooden stairs decorated with a Foscarini chandelier to the second floor, where is a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, a children’s and a playroom, and a mistress’s workshop with access to a large terrace. The idea was to create a concise functional modern housing, but with individual bright elements. Strict but warm space. Clear geometric shapes and soft materials help to achieve this. 

1 e1582196279245 - GRAND HOUSE

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39 Рабочий проект 1эт e1582134018659 - GRAND HOUSE

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