Free Apartment

Location: Dnipro,
RC Zhukofskiy,
Area: 50 m2
Autor’s: Nasty Zaharchenko (Tobi Architects), Aleksandra Nuzhnaya, Hanna Oganesyan, Aleksey Stepanov

Compact detached apartment for people with free views Free Apartament, created by our studio. Ideal for a young courageous couple, open to the new.
The main idea for interior design was the creation of a large open space with a seating area and a kitchen – studio.
In this project we approached the issue of functional zoning from a different point of view, and did not create a full-fledged space for the bedroom, but, on the contrary, made it open and accessible. This decision allowed to organize an interesting space, which added new opportunities to this apartment.
We chose the predominantly light shades in the design, added accents in colors – finishes and textiles. The furniture was picked up in dark walnut tones, which is harmoniously combined with the overall color decision of the interior in the apartment.
Open kitchen is another feature of compact space.
The desire for freedom we invested in every element of design.

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