Dreaming of light

Location: Dnipro “RC Duet”
Year: 2016
Аrea: 180 m2
Autor’s: Nasty Zaharchenko (Tobi Architects), Aleksandra Nuzhnaya, Hanna Oganesyan, Aleksey Stepanov

Romantic interior design Dreaming of light created by our studio for a young couple.
The apartment is built in the style of “open space”, which means free open space.
It was proposed to allocate in the interior of such zones – kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, children’s and also a bathroom, dressing room, and a guest bathroom.
Thanks to panoramic windows, a beautiful view from the window was created, and light colors in the interior create a feeling of lightness and airiness.
The walls were offered to decorate with author’s painting, in bright green tones, which added freshness to the design.
To emphasize the interior features decided with the help of author furniture, which will create the necessary accents for the right mood.

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