Clothes Rack

Our studio has developed a clothes rack for the brand ZenWear.
The task was to design a clothes rack so that it was functional, light and strong.
The design should unite the area where many clothes are hung and folded, so it should be strong enough, and a mirror in which you can see the approximate clothes.
The mirror, trimmed from the back of the eco-skin, with the ZenWear engraving logo, is attached to the stand itself. The shelves are also made of eco-leather, suspended on ropes, folded in a booklet and practically do not take up space during transportation.
All structural parts clothes rack should be easy to assemble / disassemble and fit when transported to a passenger car.
The design of the assembly rack for clothes is simple and functional. Colors for the rack are chosen so that the design itself was bright and interesting, but remained invisible against the background of the clothes that it exhibited.

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