Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Area: 90 sq. m.
Authors: Zakharchenko Anastasiia, Yuliia Zhatko, Akopian Gor

We have been working with apartment that had the same layout, but then clients were a young family. This time flat belongs to men, who’s gonna occasionally visit the country, so we made a studio space, where even bedroom is a part of common space, separated from the living room by only a shelf. The apartment is very functional and concise inside, without superfluous stuff. Materials are in strict style: metal, concrete, some wood and leather. Also there is a long row of cabinets in the hallway, which contain clothes, water treatment, boiler and laundry area. Tall kitchen units with built-in fridge made of wood. In the center of the studio is a bio fireplace, which separates the dining room from the living room. The bedroom has a wardrobe, separated by a glass partition. After him the entrance to the bathroom. For the bathrooms in this project, we chose a strict combination of concrete and wood, as well as black matte sanitary ware.

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