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Jan Gehl. Cities for people

Festival CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018, which took place in Kiev, 21-22 of April.

One of the main speakers of the festival was the famous Architect – Jan Gehl.

Danish architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen whose career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist.
Jan Gehl / Jan Gehl developed recommendations for the humanization of public spaces for the city London, New York City, Moscow, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland (2008), Wellington, Christchurch, Launceston and Hobart.
He is a visiting professor in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Norway.
He is co-founded Gehl Architects in 2000
In 2015, Gail was invited by the akimat of the Kazakhstan city of Almaty for a radical change in the city’s appearance.
Author of “Cities for people”, have both been published in more than 40 languages.

Thank you CANactions for the opportunity to hear Jan Gehl