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One Sunday morning with Blow Fashion

Thank you Blow Fashion for the pleasant conversation and excellent fotos. Full article can be read by reference.

“Our studio deals mainly with private housing, from the architecture of the building, its interior and ending with the author’s furniture.

I always wanted to design, when I was still a child – I made houses from cardboard, glued the wallpaper, sewed curtains, even arranged dishes from plasticine on the tables. Before I started my own business, I worked in several studios, which helped me to learn different approaches in the process of work and, of course, gain experience. Although in the profession of the designer experience is never enough, learning something new always has to, not only new technologies, trends, materials, but also the nature of people, psychology, relationships … because we create space for life. ”

“The way I look and what I wear for me is very important, good clothes make me more confident.” I really like the one-color clothing with a simple cut, but in order to make it look cool, very good fabrics and complex colors are needed. Blow Fashion – for emphasis on quality. ”

“When your job is to create beauty, you always need to start with yourself.”