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How to create interior design of Dreaming of light

She turned to us, a young couple with a dream, the dream was to create space for the two of them.
Returning home after work, I want to see my favorite eyes and communicate with each other without unnecessary walls and partitions. The maximum space for both of them.
We decided to offer to organize a space in style – “open space”, free open space, such as wanted. Open space implies a certain zoning. Our young couple were offered to distinguish such zones in space: a kitchen and a dining room where they could enjoy cooking and enjoy a romantic dinner in the living room. Anteroom and dressing room, for outerwear and shoes.
Of course, a young couple in love, when two people love each other – there is an increase in the family. Therefore, they created a unique design for children.
Two more zones that have been equipped – these are bathrooms, for guests and for our couple.
The name of our project came up in seconds, as it was in the air during the design discussion. Called him – Dreaming of light and tell why.
The apartment has large panoramic windows from which a stunning view was opened. Such windows perfectly give an opportunity in sunny weather to fill the light with space. We decided to continue to play with the light and make the interior in light colors, which of course added to this space the desired feeling of lightness and airiness that our customers so wanted.
To the interior did not appear one-color, they decided to make bright inclusions to add not a lot of mood to the design. We touched our idea – the walls, they painted the author’s painting in green tones, this decision added freshness.
When thinking about the project, they wanted the dreams of the guys who turned out to be specially singled out. The best for this suit is of course the author’s furniture. Such furniture can not only emphasize the accents, but also create the right mood.

Real design projects are obtained when the client, on the one hand, is open to what is new and is ready to realize his dreams and desires to realize by an architectural studio that can listen to the customer of the project and make the wish a reality.

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