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Brooklyn house

A few months ago, a young client from New York requested us, and expressed his wish to realize a modern home in the old district of Brooklyn. The task was quite difficult, it was necessary to study the design standards in this area, to make friends with not very attractive, but the existing old buildings and embody the client’s desire, namely, a house for parties. Plot with dimensions of 8 to 33 meters, departing from the neighbors established by the standards distance, we got a very narrow and long building spot – 4.8 to 20 meters, but the height restrictions are quite loyal – 10.6m. The ground and basement floors here are prohibited due to periodic floods, and on the first floor only non-residential premises are possible. Therefore, on the first floor, we organized a recreation area — an indoor pool and a small kitchen combined with a billiard room.
On the second floor there is a living room with a main kitchen, a dining area and a guest bedroom. Above the living room, between the second and third floors, is a two-light space. Along this space, there is a corridor between two bedrooms, each with its own wardrobe and a bathroom.
Due to the fact that the plot is narrow and the neighbors are very close, we tried to avoid the windows on the side facades in order to illuminate the central part of the house. The sunken light well was organized, and also there is staircase around it.
The facade of the building is quite minimalistic, and it is precisely by its strict form that it stands out against the background of the classical forms of the neighboring houses. Huge windows are turned relative to the vertical axis in order to more emphasize the division into horizontal volumes and visually shorten the height of the building.

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