tobi main 1170x539 830x382 - One Sunday morning with Blow Fashion

One Sunday morning with Blow Fashion

Studio deals mainly with private housing, from the architecture of the building, its interior and ending with the author’s furniture.
I always wanted to design.

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tobiarchitects 830x184 - Children's room

Children’s room

The interior of the children’s room is one of our favorite rooms! Of course, when designing a room for a child, it’s worth paying attention to the color

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2.CHERRY MOOD tobiarchitects interior design architect 830x519 - How we created interior design Cherry Mood

How we created interior design Cherry Mood

Design of a house in the suburbs of the Dnipro, surrounded by the aromas of fruit trees and flowers. For the interior for such a house a young couple turned to us. We decided to combine the entrance hall, kitchen and living room with access to the terrace, as they formed the most part of the house. The rest was located – a bathroom and two bedrooms.

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3.Intelligence interior design tobiarchitects architect 1 830x553 - 88 m2 freedom and comfort

88 m2 freedom and comfort

We were approached by a young couple with the goal of creating a home, so that the design would evoke a sense of freedom and comfort. The apartment is located in the residential complex IQ House.

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4.VILLA interior design tobiarchitects architect 830x535 - New Villa

New Villa

On the one hand, these are new challenges for our studio, and on the other, it’s a new culture, mentality and other benchmarks.

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2.Free Apartmentinterior design tobiarchitects architect 830x553 - Открытость, молодость, свобода.

Открытость, молодость, свобода.

Free Apartment – ideal for open, brave young people ready to open up new space opportunities.
The idea was to create an open space and enter into it a recreation area and a kitchen – studio.
The size of the apartment pushed away from the usual functional zoning of the bedroom.

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3.LOOKING AT DNIPRO interior design architect de tobiarchitects 1 830x553 - Apartment with a view of the Dnipro

Apartment with a view of the Dnipro

Our studio has implemented another project for apartments of 105 sq.m. and got the name – LOOKING AT DNIPRO.
The opening view from the window meant panoramic windows for a good view. Such large windows catch every ray of light and heat and fill the space.

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2.RENT ME interior design architect tobiarchitects 830x554 - Rent Me

Rent Me

Such an unusual task faced our studio. The apartment was supposed to be commissioned, and this created new challenges for us. How to create such an interior to find response from many people and was close to everyone who sees it. The design of this apartment should be pleasant at first sight, and be comfortable for those who will rent.

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8.Dreaming of light interior design tobiarchitects 1 1 830x554 - How to create interior design of Dreaming of light

How to create interior design of Dreaming of light

(Українська) До нас звернулася, молода пара з мрією, мрія полягало в тому, щоб створити простір для них двох. Повертаючись, додому після роботи, хочеться бачити улюблені очі і спілкуватися один з одним без зайвих стін і перегородок.

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