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88 m2 freedom and comfort

We were approached by a young couple with the goal of creating a home, so that the design would evoke a sense of freedom and comfort. The apartment is located in the residential complex IQ House.
We offered the concept of an interior of a free open space, which successfully combines a cozy living room where you can spend time with friends or with each other, a modern kitchen where the most delicious and fragrant food will be prepared, and a spectacular dining area.
For the design of the living room, our studio prepared a special mood and tone in the interior, so it turned out something incredible. Monochrome color scale and soft diffused illumination from windows, warm light from the lighting above the kitchen and dining room – creates harmony and a special atmosphere for the interior of the living room. In the design of the room, the color tone of the finish was decided in dark wood colors and added accents to the chrome elements of the kitchen and bright 3D panels.
In the central volume of the apartment was placed – a wardrobe, kitchen modules and a large bathroom.
In another two zones, the apartments decided to play with contrasting colors in the interior. These areas are the bedroom and study. In addition, our couple in the bedroom was waiting for a real surprise – the dark glass volume of the wardrobe with warm rays of illumination.

A true Intelligence design.

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