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Openness, youth, freedom.

It was this spirit that needed to be conveyed when designing the design of these apartments. Not large in size, but free in mood and intended for renting.
Free Apartment – ideal for open, brave young people ready to open up new space opportunities.
The idea was to create an open space and enter into it a recreation area and a kitchen – studio.
The size of the apartment pushed away from the usual functional zoning of the bedroom. We did not create a separate place for it, but on the contrary made it open and accessible. This solution in the design allowed to organize the original space, which, of course, added new opportunities in the apartment.
To visually increase the apartment, we decided to create in light tonnages and place accents with the help of elements of decoration and textiles.
In order not to depart from the general color scheme of the apartments, the furniture was chosen so that it successfully combined. The choice was made on shades of dark walnut.
Kitchen, so as not to clutter up and not separate from the main part of the apartment, decided to open not only in the context of space, but also for communication.

In the modern world with a lot of gadgets, sometimes we miss the main thing – it’s communication with each other. In this design, we embodied the desire of young, open people to enjoy every minute being with each other and realize their dreams.

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