It is life project, not just interior design
Owner. Anastasia Zakharchenko
The desire to create something special for people, so that it can turn everyday rituals into an interesting experience, filled with comfort, originality and aesthetics, inspired me to create studio tobi architects.

In my projects, I am constantly looking for new opportunities for space and functions, strive to find a balance between individuality and modesty, naturalness and technologies.

For me, design is not just a beautiful picture. This is the result of a real dialogue between the client, me and the space, during which all habits, traditions, visions, desires and interests are gathered into the big picture of Function of future housing. The place sets its own criteria and amendments, it also has the desire to be filled with a certain meaning.
How do you imagine the house of your dreams? How do you want to feel in it? What does exactly strengthen human emotions?

Regardless of style, space and task, I am looking for answers to these questions and, combining them with my knowledge and philosophy, I am trying to create an ideal house for you.