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Interior Design Projects

What is a interior design project and what does it consist of.

A interior design project is a set of documents describings design solutions. It contains drawings of premises, including decoration materials and interior visualization. Plans with the distribution of the main functional areas and arrangement of furniture, the plan of ceilings and floor coverings, the placement of sanitary equipment, sheets containing information about the finish and ordered materials and furniture and decor.

From consist of is the interior design project from Tobi Architects:

quantity survey [drawing]

dismantling plan

overall plan

plan furniture and equipment. Specification of furniture. Specification of sanitary devices.

plan for the installation of partitions

tile layout of the bathroom

layout of outlets and switches

ceiling plan

plan of arrangement of lighting devices

connection diagram of lighting devices

floor plan

heat-insulated floor

marking plan exploded view of walls

drawings of furniture for individual production


According to the ready project builders can calculate the estimate of works and building materials; finishing materials, such as parquet, tile, wallpaper, paint. According to the drawings with individual furniture, the furniture makers also give you the cost even before the construction works start.
The cost of the project includes author supervision, and qualitatively executed drawings and visualization allow us and you to control the construction process.

The number of pages in a interior design project depends on the size and complexity of the project.

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