Обложка альбома1 830x587 - Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Projects

What is a interior design project and what does it consist of. A interior design project is a set of documents describings design solutions. It contains drawings of premises, including decoration materials and interior visualization. Plans with the distribution of the main functional areas and arrangement of furniture, the plan of ceilings and floor coverings, […]

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11.tobiarchitects 623x830 - Photoreport from the Author's supervision. Oman

Photoreport from the Author’s supervision. Oman

For more than a year we have been working on several projects in Oman, architecture and interiors of private villas. We have long become acquainted with the national peculiarities of planning, a set of rooms, materials and decor. It’s a tremendous experience to expand your professional knowledge and worldview, meet interesting people and learn their […]

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4 1 830x444 - Vision is everything: Restoration Hardware

Vision is everything: Restoration Hardware

We want to share with you a terrific brand Restoration Hardware, that is associated with real American classics, which can often be seen in movies or luxury hotels. These are Chesterfield sofas of dark brown leather, cabinets in wooden panels, elegant table lamps and the most comfortable children’s furniture. And still such popular now style […]

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tobi main 1170x539 830x382 - One Sunday morning with Blow Fashion

One Sunday morning with Blow Fashion

Thank you Blow Fashion for the pleasant conversation and excellent fotos. Full article can be read by reference. … “Our studio deals mainly with private housing, from the architecture of the building, its interior and ending with the author’s furniture. I always wanted to design, when I was still a child – I made houses […]

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tobiarchitects 830x184 - Children's room

Children’s room

The interior of the children’s room is one of our favorite rooms! Of course, when designing a room for a child, it’s worth paying attention to the color … but neatly, in combination with toys, books and various children’s trifles, the room does not become mottled and cluttered. The main storage space is better to […]

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2.CHERRY MOOD tobiarchitects interior design architect 830x519 - Вишневое настроение

Вишневое настроение

Design of a house in the suburbs of the Dnipro, surrounded by the aromas of fruit trees and flowers. For the interior for such a house a young couple turned to us. We decided to combine the entrance hall, kitchen and living room with access to the terrace, as they formed the most part of […]

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3.Intelligence interior design tobiarchitects architect 1 830x553 - 88 кв.метров свободы и комфорта

88 кв.метров свободы и комфорта

We were approached by a young couple with the goal of creating a home, so that the design would evoke a sense of freedom and comfort. The apartment is located in the residential complex IQ House. We offered the concept of an interior of a free open space, which successfully combines a cozy living room […]

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4.VILLA interior design tobiarchitects architect 830x535 - Новые горизонты

Новые горизонты

Cooperation with new partners always inspires and opens new horizons. It becomes especially interesting when communication begins in English. So began our communication with a construction company from Oman. The customer wanted us to do a design project – VILLA. On the one hand, these are new challenges for our studio, and on the other, […]

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2.Free Apartmentinterior design tobiarchitects architect 830x553 - Открытость, молодость, свобода.

Открытость, молодость, свобода.

(Русский) В современном мире при большом количестве гаджетов, мы иногда упускаем главное – это общение между собой. В данном дизайне мы воплотили желание молодых, открытых людей наслаждаться каждой минутой находясь друг с другом и реализовывать самые смелый мечты.

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3.LOOKING AT DNIPRO interior design architect de tobiarchitects 1 830x553 - Apartment with a view of the Dnipro

Apartment with a view of the Dnipro

(Русский) Благодаря особенностям лаконичного интерьера можно выразить характер и отношения владельца такого пространства через предметы дизайна. Такой интерьер имеет свое лицо и является продолжением человека.

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